Birthmarks and Moles

What Are Birthmarks and Moles?

Dr. Hyemin Pomerantz from VivaSkin Dermatology and Aesthetics conducts comprehensive mole and birthmark examinations for residents in the Greater Needham, Natick, and Wellesley, MA areas. Most people have at least one mole or birthmark on their body. Moles are pigmented cell clusters that form growths on the skin. In our mole checks, we meticulously assess, measure, and document the size, shape, and growth of your moles to ensure their safety and to monitor for any changes that could indicate malignancy. Moles can range from brown to black, may appear individually or in clusters, and can be flat or raised. While most moles are harmless, some can develop into cancer. If you notice any changes in a mole’s size, shape, or if it starts to itch or bleed, it is important to consult a professional.

Birthmarks, differing in color or texture from the rest of your skin, can appear anywhere on your body and are usually visible at birth or soon after. Although typically benign, birthmarks should be examined in infants once they become apparent, as they could signify an underlying condition. For adults, a birthmark might cause self-consciousness due to its size or location.

Birthmarks and moles typically do not require intervention unless they show signs of potential malignancy, cause discomfort, irritation, or pose cosmetic concerns. In such instances, Dr. Pomerantz may recommend mole removal. Surgical excision involves numbing the area around the mole, using a scalpel or similar instrument to remove the mole and a small portion of surrounding skin cells, and then closing the wound with sutures. Alternatively, if the mole is flush with the skin, a surgical shave might be employed, in which the area is numbed and a small blade is used to cut around and beneath the mole. This method does not require stitches.

For birthmarks, Dr. Pomerantz will discuss various treatment options with you. Laser therapy, for instance, can help reduce the pigmentation of certain birthmarks, making them less visible. Certain medications might be used to shrink some types of birthmarks. Similar to moles, birthmarks that pose a risk of turning into skin cancer may be surgically excised. Dr. Pomerantz adopts a careful, precise approach to birthmark removal to minimize the likelihood of scarring.

Select the Best Treatment Approach

If you’re concerned about birthmarks or moles due to their appearance, discomfort, or potential indications of melanoma, it’s time to reach out to VivaSkin Dermatology and Aesthetics to explore your treatment options. Our practice in Wellesley, MA is equipped to handle a wide range of moles and lesions, ranging from benign to malignant. If we identify a mole that poses a risk, we’ll determine the most suitable treatment strategy for your case.

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