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At VivaSkin Dermatology, we continually lead in the field of dermatological innovations. Our highly skilled team is ceaselessly identifying and implementing cutting-edge procedures and therapies to deliver optimal skin care. With our adoption of the newest advancements in laser therapies to pioneering techniques in acne management, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for nurturing your skin’s health and radiance.

Dermatology Services

Devoted Specialists Pledged to Enhance Your Skin's Wellbeing

Steered by the acclaimed Dr. Hyemin Pomerantz, the team at VivaSkin Dermatology is devoted to delivering extraordinary and tailored care to all patients. Our ensemble is enriched with vast knowledge and proficiency in general, medical, and cosmetic dermatology. We strive to foster a relaxed atmosphere for you to express your skin-related concerns and aspirations freely. Leveraging our collective skills, we walk you through each phase of your skincare journey, ensuring you attain and sustain skin wellness.

Optimal Holistic Skincare Unveiled

At VivaSkin Dermatology, our approach to skin care encapsulates a comprehensive perspective. We recognize the interconnectedness of your lifestyle, overall health, and skin’s wellbeing, and incorporate these facets into our treatment strategies. Aware of the myriad influences on your skin’s health – from dietary habits and way of life to your general wellness – we provide an all-encompassing suite of services. These extend beyond standard medical care to include nutritional counselling, lifestyle recommendations, stress coping mechanisms, in addition to our premier dermatological procedures. In collaboration, we strive to help you realize your skin health’s highest potential.

MIRIA™ by AVAVA™ is a leapfrog breakthrough in laser skin resurfacing that uses proprietary Focal Point Technology™, allowing for high energy skin rejuvenation on all skin tones with minimal downtime and high safety.
Maintaining a robust skincare regimen at home can help sustain a healthy glow, but achieving enhanced results often necessitates a professional facial.
Facial contouring is a non-surgical approach that can effectively tighten and firm the skin, resulting in a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance, all without the need for downtime.
Unlike regular exfoliating products that only treat the surface layer of the skin, chemical peels offer deeper and more transformative results.
New skin grows brighter and smoother after a radiofrequency microneedling treatment, which uses heat to stimulate the production of collagen.
Hair often serves as both a first and lasting impression. While it may seem like a minor element in the grand scheme of things, the style, color, and quantity of someone's hair can significantly influence perceptions.
You can avoid a surgical facelift with this noninvasive shortcut that elevates and firms skin with biodegradable threads that dissolve in time.
Filler injections, also known as fillers, are commonly used to restore lost facial volume. Factors such as significant weight loss and aging can lead to a lack of volume in the face. By injecting soft tissue fillers beneath the skin, areas that lack volume or shape can be effectively addressed.
Do you find yourself bothered by the fine lines and wrinkles that have appeared on your forehead and around your eyes when you look in the mirror? These so-called dynamic wrinkles and lines are the result of repetitive expressions like squinting, frowning, and smiling.