What Is A Facial?

Maintaining a robust skincare regimen at home can help sustain a healthy glow, but achieving enhanced results often necessitates a professional facial. Tailored to address your skin’s needs and issues, Dr. Hyemin Pomerantz recommends regular professional facials for her clients in Waltham, Needham, and Wellesley, MA to preserve clear and vibrant skin. Following a comprehensive consultation to identify visible and underlying damage, a unique combination of the most suitable products and techniques will be employed to enhance your complexion. To amplify skin rejuvenation and pampering, consider augmenting your results with an auxiliary procedure such as a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or an injectable wrinkle filler. Schedule an appointment for a professional custom facial at VivaSkin Dermatology and Aesthetics to elevate the health and beauty of your face to new heights.

Why Choose Facials?

Facial treatments conducted by Dr. Pomerantz and the team at VivaSkin Dermatology & Aesthetics make an excellent choice for individuals, both men and women, desiring to elevate their complexion and bolster their facial skin’s health. The benefits of availing professional facials at our Wellesley, MA office include:

Tailored solutions to address a range of specific skin issues Removal of dead skin cells, dirt, and oil Mitigating signs of aging Minimal discomfort and zero recovery time Acne reduction Skin hydration Balancing and enhancing skin tone Reducing skin discoloration Swift treatment procedures

Our Facial Approach

Post your consultation, wherein your individual treatment plan will be formulated based on your skin’s condition and needs, you can relax in one of our private treatment rooms for your professional facial. The process for your facial will be distinctive; however, most facials start with a thorough cleansing to eliminate dirt, oil, makeup, and lotions. Following that, steam is used judiciously to open the pores, facilitating easy extraction of blackheads and whiteheads. Typically, this is succeeded by skin exfoliation, done manually or with an added service (such as a chemical peel or microdermabrasion). A mask or serum might then be applied and massaged in to nourish deeply. Finally, an SPF moisturizer will be applied to safeguard against sun damage post the facial.

Radiant, Healthy Skin

At VivaSkin Dermatology and Aesthetics, located in Wellesley, MA, we acknowledge the positive impacts of always looking and feeling your best. Dr. Hyemin Pomerantz has observed that her patients who routinely receive skin treatments typically exhibit clearer and healthier skin. Each facial treatment at VivaSkin Dermatology and Aesthetics is custom-tailored to your skin’s unique requirements, allowing us to help you present your most luminous self to the world. To book an appointment for a facial or any of our other skin services, please get in touch with our Wellesley, MA office.

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